Vulvar self-examination

To do a vaginal self-examination, you will need a small flashlight and a handheld mirror. Choose a time in between menses, preferably at the same time each month. Do not use creams or douches before the examination.

Wash your hands and sit on a bed. Bend your knees, bring your heels to your bottom, and open your knees to the side so you can see your genital area. Hold or prop the mirror in one hand, and use the other hand to examine the vulva. Look at the:

Reflect light off the mirror, pull the labia apart

It is known that vulvar cancers have been increasing in incidence as overall survival has decreased in the past decade. Some potential precursors, such as vulvar inflammatory skin conditions like lichen sclerosus, are present in approximately 1% of women but are under-diagnosed and under-treated. The VSE is particularly encouraged in this population as inflammatory skin conditions are associated with vulvar cancer development in 5-8% of cases. In addition, vulvar scarring in these patients is often irreversible, can cause significant morbidity, and can be prevented with early treatment.

Lastly, please follow the following tips for taking genital photos: